Grade 6


The Matchless Home

To me home is a place where you can feel safe. A place where nobody can make you feel miserable, angry or scared.
A home is secure. A robber wouldn’t be able to steal a dime or even something as worthless as a paper clip.
A Home is also a place that can be enjoyable. There can be television, video games and activities too.
A home would have food. Everyday on the dinner table.
It’s like a birds nest. You get food, and shelter. Your parents would be preparing you to learn to fly and live on your own.
Home doesn’t have to be one specific place. It could be anywhere you like. It can be with your friends, your family, and even with your pets too.
In a home you should feel warm and cozy. when you sit down or lay down it shouldn’t feel like rocks. When you go to sleep you shouldn’t be as cold as the arctic, and you shouldn’t be as sweaty as an ocean.
Home is where you should be able to express your emotions. If you feel sick, sad, or anything else.
Home is where people support you. For every little thing.
Home is where your family spends time with you. On walks, Watching movies, and maybe even playing board games.
Home is where you should be treated pleasantly, Especially when you are discouraged.
Home is where you feel loved. No matter what.
Home is where I can be me.

Home is matchless.