Grade 5

Red Deer

The many different meanings of Home

In my home I feel safe and secure. It’s where I am loved and make good memories. To me, home is a special place that you know better than anywhere else. But sometimes, you take your home for granted.

Home can mean many different things, depending on your circumstances. Home may make you feel happy or sad, secure or insecure, safe or scared, good memories or bad memories, healthy or unhealthy. Because of these feelings, everyone has a different meaning to home. For example, some people may not have a safe place to live. Especially children who don’t have a family – they may have to move from house to house, and might never feel safe, accepted, and loved.

Some people live in poverty, barely getting by day to day on the money that they have. These people may have a place to call home, but it is not ideal. They may struggle to have enough food to be healthy. Poverty is all around the world. You may not even realize that poverty is in your own community. In Canada, nearly 9 per cent of people live in poverty.

We should all take a moment to appreciate what we have, and be thankful for it. But also, we all should try to make sure that everyone has a safe and secure home, where they can be loved and make good memories.