Grade 5


The Loving Place For You And Me.

My home to me means safe, loving, and cozy.
My home is safe because it’s a shelter from rain or a storm. My home is loving because people that you love and people that love you are there.
My home is cozy because when you are in your bed or living room you are cozy.

Some of my favorite places in my home are my living room because my family is there and I like the basement because that is where I spend time with my cat.

People that are in my home are my mom, dad, me and my cat.

I feel happy when I see my cat in the basement, when I see my mom and dad in the living room, and I feel happy when I watch Tik Tok, play roblox, and play with my cousins.

In my home you can spend time with the people that you love.
You can even spend time with the ones above.
With your family you can play.
In your room you can lay down after a long day.
My mom and dad are super funny.
My home is a good home for even a bunny.
On Christmas day you open presents.
In your home and spending time with your family it is so pleasant.