Grade 6


The Loving Mom

HI! My name is Aria and today I am going to tell you my story, the story of home. I was one year old and my real mom left me at someone’s door. I didn’t know this before but my mom told me when I was ten and today I am sharing it with you. My mom told me the story of how she found me on her doorstep and I started thinking why would my real mom do that and then I realized something important. Even though my mom didn’t give birth to me, she still accepted me into her home and loved me. When she told this to me I started noticing some difference in me and my mom which I never did. Me and mom eye color are different. Me and my mom skin color are different. When she told me this I started hiding my feelings and pretend nothing was wrong. But then I realized when she didn’t tell me this everything was fine. Then I thought about the word home. Home is a place I am safe and loved by my family. It is a place where I can share my feelings. Home is a memory of laughter that never ends. It’s a place where dreams come true and I know I am loved by my family. Even she is not my real mom I love her the same I would have loved her. I am thankful that I have felt all these feelings. I love you mom thanks for making everything come true.