Grade 6


The Loving Memories of Home

Home is an enjoyable place. Home is where you will find hope, love, and remember lots of memories. The three places I will always remember will be my living room, kitchen, and back yard. The gorgeous living room always will has something special in it.
Your living room has comfy couches, fluffy pillows, and furry blankets. In the winter break I will always sit near the fire place and drink my hot chocolate.
In your kitchen you will always have a lot of smells from meals cooking and desserts baking. On Christmas Eve you will be really busy cooking traditional food and cookies for Santa Claus in the oven. But on Christmas day the dinner table is filled with aunties, uncles, cousin, grandparents, and more. The kitchen is a special place to be in.
Your back yard has crazy memories since when you were a child. If you had a baseball bat when you were a child you might have the memories of you breaking a window and if you had a sand box you were a child you might have the crazy memories of having a crazy sand fight with your siblings. Your back yard is also the place where you run outside in the soft grass playing tag or seeing who can jump the highest on the trampoline.
I bet that the place you spent time the most in your home is your back yard having fun. From all of my childhood memories I always loved my home and there is no other place better than your home sweet home.