Grade 4


The Love Of My House

The meaning of home is the feeling of warmth that is generated by the love of the people around. It is the feeling we all should have. A house is not a home until you put your family in it.

The feeling of love is the best feeling in the world, most would say. The touch of warmth makes you think of home. The thought of home is the thought of playfulness and joy.

A nice home is a home for your family or for anyone’s family. A home is a special place to have or to live in. There’s a bright glow in the dark the glow of love shines bright when you’re down.

Home is important to me because some people don’t have homes or protection from the elements some don’t have friends for help. We’re all lucky to have homes or someone to help.

The nice feeling of home is loved by many or all people in the world. Home is where you can learn different things or old things that you forgot.

The love of my house is the love of a well kept and loving home. The love of a house my house is the love of my family when given has a ripple effect on our mood.