Grade 5

St. John's
Newfoundland and Labrador

The Love of Home

Homes are irreplaceable,
but you can still have many homes,
as long as it has the love you need.
My home is filled with lots of love,
and with laughter.
But every home is unique,
homes do not have to be one way or another.

Home is where you keep all of the secrets.
And you do not have to be embarrassed
at anything you do in your home,
for a home is a home.
You can have infinite amount of memories
in your loving home.
Your memories can be filled with
comforting and positive feelings,
that will fill your day.

Home means that you are never alone.
And that you are safe of all the dangers.
Also that you help each other,
and feel happy when you are doing it.
You can always feel the encouragement
in your family and your home.
Also that you are sheltered from the cold
and feel the warmth.
And most of all that you share your

in your home.