Grade 5

Prince Edward Island

The Love of Home

Every morning I wake up in a warm cozy bed and a roof over my head. When I get out of bed I look out the window and see the beautiful sunrise and hear the birds chirping. When I walk into the living room I sit on the couch and hear my brothers laughing and I smell the bread toasting in the toaster. Hi my name is Tahlia Gibbons and I live in Cornwall on Prince Edward Island.

First of all I love wear I live I love my neighbours and my friends in the neighbourhood and around me. I have lots of memories in the neighbourhood but this is my favorit one whenever me, my brothers (Felix + Romeo) my mom and dad all go sledding like last year we went sledding in the field in front of our house and I remember we all went down together and it was the faster ever and the most fun!

Second of allI always think of all the family’s that do not have homes and always thinking like making stuff so I can sell them and donate them to charities that give people homes and food. One ex. Is that when i was about 8 years old I wanted to make fancy bracelets and sell them and then donate the money to charates that give the money to family’s and people without homes. I’m gonna tell you that the reason I’m even doing this S.A. is because I might have a chance to give a home to a family or person without one.

Last of all I love my cat so much I love to play with him and throw his toys so he can go fetch them I also love when he sleeps under my bed every night and I love when I hear him purring at night. Another thing I love is school I know it sounds weird from a kid but its true. My favorit subject in school is math and writing! But the main reason that I love school is because of my teacher mme. Parent she is so kind and remarquable.

In conclusion I just want to say that I am so thankful to have a home and that I’m sorry for people that do not. My home is so special because of my cat, family, crafting supplies and last but not least school.

Anyway hope you have a great day!

-Tahlia Gibbons