Grade 6


The Love of Home In My Heart

What does home mean to me? I say a home to me is something you can’t examine with your eyes. It’s the emotions of joyfulness and gloominess revolving around. Home is where the heart is, where you are accepted the way you are. You feel protected and secure, where I feel warmness in my heart. A house is made of wood and beams, a home is where you are with your family anytime anywhere. It’s having a family there to help you when things are rough and tough. A home is where you hold your thoughts and dreams.It’s where I can tell my hopes for the future. The difference between a house and a home is a house can be rebuilt but a home is forever. A home to me is anywhere as long as its with my family. Home is where your talents shine. From a ginormous house to a small, a home is all. Your dreams might go away but in a home they will come. One house can look like another , but a home is different on the inside. It’s Where you can ask for help when you’re feeling stuck. A home is always going to be part of your life forever. Home is where everything feels pleasing with your family. A home is remembering those long gone but keeping them in your heart. Doing things that make you feel glad. It’s not having to be embarrassed because your family is there to help Sharing memories with one another. Home to me is wherever I’m feeling loved.