Grade 5

British Columbia

the love inside my home

Some of the best things about home is who I share it with. They make my house turn into a
home. My mom makes my house a home because she is always there for me when I need it. She
does everything she can. My dad is also a big part of my house because he made are yard and painted the house and he even let me paint my room any color I wanted for my room.
My sister is a BIG part of my home because she is the best sister anybody could ask for, even though she can be selfish I still admire her.
My home is definitely not my home without my dog Heeda, Heeda is one of the top things that makes my house a home because he makes me laugh when I’m sad. He is a guard dog but he does not act like one. My home has so many recollections. On the first day I moved to my house I found a big mud puddle and played in it for hours. I was covered in mud. Those were the biggest remembrances in my house to me.
And all of the recollections in my home make it home. A long time ago, my dad built a
big playhouse for me and my sister and she loved it. We still do and twice a week we sleep in it, but only in the summer! We eat lots of candy and watch movies all night. My dad and mom usually come up there to lay down with us, but mostly my dad. I would tell you a lot more but there is way too much to read than, so thank you so much for reading what my home means to me.