Grade 5


The Life of a Homeless Man

I was walking down the street humming Christmas Carols for some reason, well I shouldn’t, because it was October. I started to think about last Christmas, it was, well, fine, I guess. I remembered the great times that we had, I absolutely loved Christmas, I loved it. Yay! Flashback time!

We would all sit around the dining table and eat that perfectly made, big, fat, turkey and talk about absolutely nothing relative to the holidays like, what day of the week it would be in one month and two days. Ah that was delightful! Then we would all sit around the perfectly green Christmas tree and exchange gifts! Some of us still do that now but we’ve – changed – the traditions.
Now we sit around our alleyway down around the highway and eat horribly disgusting canned tomatoes and beans and then we sit around the SAME alleyway and exchange small scraps. But I’m grateful that we don’t have nothing. Now don’t get me wrong we used to have no financial issues whatsoever, because I used to own a business myself, and we sold household appliances, but, I lost against another business and all hope was lost. We quickly lost all of our- VROOOOOM! HONK HONK!!!!!! My flashback was instantaneously interrupted by a huge truck that had honked so it could pass. “Ah perfect! I’m here! My favourite place to shop, the mall!” I was going to the canned food isle food and when I was about to slip through the isle I heard people muttering strange beliefs around me and parents slowly pulling their kids away from me. Am I not the same as you? I made a last-minute decision and shut my big mouth up before the words would escape, After all, they would only make the customers more agitated. “You shouldn’t be aloud to rome these streets!” a man blasted and hid his child away behind his back. “Come along kiddo, just don’t make eye contact.” I heard as the kid was arguing with Mr. Mean daddy over here by saying, “But he might be poor daddy!” and “He needs a home, Daddy!” See, those are the kind of people that get me through these tough times. That suddenly reminded when I used to have a home, the warm, soft, comfortable bed that made all your worries go away when you slept in it, the fridge that kept your food preserved, and that one time that you promised that you would not launch a heist on that that new awesome, double layered icing oreo but you stole it anyway, and the dining table that you would always eat at when dinner was ready. I had picked out my goodies and I was going to the clerk, and well he was running the items though the conveyor belt thingy, I said “Isn’t it a nice morning!” The clerk responded “Sir, um, it’s the evening.”So I replied, “Oh, i’m so sorry, this place doesn’t have a lot of windows.” The clerk looked a little agitated and sternly said, “Sir there are windows all around you.”I looked around and saw the countless windows, this place was practically a greenhouse! “Oh! Darn it! The big mouth got it’s terrible revenge for me imprisoning it’s evel ways of annoying people! How could I not see the billion windows in this place, maybe I was focusing on the food I was buying. The clerk exclaimed the price, and I coughed up the money and forked it over to the clerk. Man, I didn’t feel good giving that clerk my money but I had to, I went home and ate my food, and thought, “I wish I had a home. But maybe my home wasn’t my house because I’ve been living in the alleyway for a year now so my house can’t be my home, and I’m right. which means that you’ll always have a home.” I trudged along to the back of the alleyway and tucked myself into the blankets I had placed to compensate for a bed, prayed for a better life, and fell asleep.