Grade 5


The Lazy Child

The Lazy Child

I lie on the couch everyday
So lazy, waiting for someone
To get me breakfast
If they don’t get me food
I yell at them
They always tell me
Get your own stuff
I don’t listen
And just keep lying on the couch
Whenever I get my meal
I make a big mess
And get in trouble for it

I have a burning hot shower everyday
I always take a long time
My sister gets angry and screams
She gets frustrated
And turns the water to cold
I always turn it back to hot
She turns it off
And after a while I get out
I get tired and go to bed

I watch TV in my room for awhile
My sister steals the remote
And hides it in her room
She turns the channel
And I rage
I build up anger
She always gets annoyed
Because I win
I get in trouble
I hide under my bed
It is my home
And I wouldn’t trade it for anything