Grade 4

Portage la Prairie

The land of home

Do you know what home means to me? It means happiness. It’s also a place for giving and receiving love. At home you can find things you can’t find somewhere else like memories and laughter. Home is no place like other, it’s a place for kindness and joy! Home is where you belong feel comfortable, safe, and cheerful. Home is a big beautiful diamond in your heart. Home is a place to relax and do the things you love. It’s also a place for dreams to come true. It’s a place to have fun, make jokes and play. It’s an area to imagine fun things to play games with a family. Home is a place to explore and have adventures. It’s a place to heat up when you’re cold, and to cool down when you’re hot. A place to eat sweets and sugar! Home is a place where you feel welcomed in your community. There is no place like home.