Grade 5


The Land Called Home

Home is a land of peace and joy. Home is a place of which I live in, I sleep in, I spend my life in. Usually to others my home is just a building, but to me it’s an area you can retreat to when you are sad. Excited, I opened the doors to see my family i am never bored! When i see my parents’ bright and happy smiles, to come to this place I would walk for miles! Most of the time i’m always happy, but feeling emotions isn’t bad. Even if I am sad or stressed, I come to my home and feel relieved. Many times others wont understand, until they twist the door knob and feel the tight embrace of love. It isn’t 4 walls and a roof, it’s a mansion of joy and happiness to come. As when I walk through those doors I never ever feel glum! It doesn’t matter on the size of the building, but the size of the love shared inside. My home is very special. Everyone deserves a home. Knowing that some don’t have a home makes me so sad, home is the best place I ever lived in. I love my home and my home loves me. I can watch TV or play outside in the backyard. My home has everything, everything I need. So i hope that one day everyone will have a place to come back to, a place to be happy in, an area you can relax in, a home.