Grade 6


The Journey Home

As it keeps going, our home is altogether.
A home keeps us protected,
It gives us the ability to stay connected.
My home is where my family can do their best,
Meanwhile, they can get some rest.
Home is where we keep our beliefs,
A home where we can feel comfortable at ease.

People with a difficult time on the streets,
Only need the power of home to compete.
A road with a path can lead you home,
As people who help can be the ride home.

Our words can be the key to boldness and honesty, It’s moreover helpful for Habitat For Humanity.
The more we continue, they’ll be able to succeed, With truth and kindness and full of opportunity.

The words we give are the only way for us to keep raising more money each day.
We are the possibility to give them a home, instead of leaving them completely alone.

A home is a special place,
To cherish no matter what race.
Our soul is the heart to our very own place,
We must keep it with memories and trust it with faith.