Grade 4


The Important Things of Your Home

In your home you should feel safe because in your home is all the people that you love. If you ever have a problem, you can go in your house and talk to your family like your Mom, Dad, grandma or grandpa.

When I get home from school I feel happy to be home and see my family. In my home I feel cared for because my Mom and dad are always there to help me.

It doesn’t matter what your house looks like, it matters if you are with the people you love. My house is safe because it has a roof, a door, windows – everything we need to keep us safe.

My house keeps me warm in the winter and cold days when I come in when it is cold outside my house is so warm (we also have lots of blankets). At home you can do things that you can not do any other places like be crazy or watch TV – stuff like that.

I love my home! I hope it never changes. I love my home and family! Home is a beautiful place.