Grade 6


The Importance of Home

A home is where peace is born,
A home is where memories live,
When I am at home I feel warm and happy, and when I am home with my family I feel even happier!
When I am at home I have hope in myself instead of hate,
There is nowhere else I rather be but home,
Positivity lives under my roof,
I feel safe and warm between my walls,
Home is where you can hear, see, and feel laughter and joy, home is also a place where you can get great advice from family and siblings,
Home is where family can be family and have the time of their lives together,
Home is where you can spend time with your family during the holidays,
Home is where you belong,
Home is important,just like you,
When you have a home you have happiness, and when you have happiness then you can spread that happiness,
Everyone deserves a home,
No matter what,
Do you have a home?…