Grade 6

Fall River
Nova Scotia

The Importance of Home

Home is where you are always welcomed, and always cared about. When you’re really home, you know you belong there and you can just relax.It’s important to feel welcome at home because that’s what brings a family together and makes everyone feel happy and appreciated. And in my opinion you’ll never really be home unless you are welcomed and feel comfortable there.

Something I feel is essential in a home is having somebody to comfort you, somebody you trust. Having that person allows you to be comfortable and feel safe in your home.

Another important thing for a home is to make memories because that’s one of the things that make a home YOUR home. You can’t quite call a house a home until you’ve made memories there.

Safety is important in a home, the reason i think that is because if you are never safe in your home then you can never really relax or feel comfortable because you are worried about something. It’s important to surround yourself with people in your home that you know will keep you safe in your home.

I always feel welcomed and cared for when I’m home. So in conclusion home is the most welcoming place you will ever be because you know you belong there.