Grade 5


The Importance of Home

My home is very important to me. Home doesn’t mean the place you live at (thought that may be what you call home), it is the place you feel most comfortable at. What makes my home a home is to have my family. My family is important to me because they make me feel safe, an example of this is when I was little, I used to be afraid of going upstairs without anybody else. My family also makes me feel loved.
What also makes my home a home is feeling relaxed and at peace. A home should be comfortable and have good and happy memories. When you are at home you shouldn’t feel sad and unhappy all the time because that means it’s not a home to you. When I’m at home I normally feel safe, comfortable, warm, and happy. I cannot imagine what it must be like to have to run away from my home and have to leave everything I had behind. It is always fun to go on a trip, but when I get back I always feel happy to be back home. This is why my home is important to me.