Grade 6

Nova Scotia

The importance of home

I know home for me is a zone for comfort whenever I am upset about something. My family and friends will be there to support me and if I ever get into an argument it won’t be long until the other person and I work things out. My room is my favorite spot in my home even though it can get a bit messy sometimes, it makes me feel safe. It is a place I can get away from my sisters because everyone needs alone time some days. I like the living room because my family and I can have movie nights on weekends and we can all get together after a tiring week of stress. The kitchen is where my mum makes delicious food for me and my siblings. Everyone enjoys her fantastic cooking skills! I love everything about my home, the memories and the fantastic community outside of it too, the stores, the amazing school I get to go to 5 days a week and the homes of my friends too.

Some might take it for granted and some deeply appreciate it but at the end of the day everyone deserves a home. Somewhere to go after a long hard day of work to relax. A place to spend each holiday with family and friends to celebrate and have a good time. Home is where you can appreciate and practice all of your hobbies for example, painting, singing and all kinds of sports. Each and every home is unique, filled with different people of all races, gender, sexuality and religion with all different personalities too. You can always make a house a home as long as it is filled with love, positivity and hope for the brightest of futures.