Grade 6

Richmond Hill

The Ideal Home

Welcome back to another blog of my journey character stories. Today’s journey is what home means to one. This story will be from the characters’ perspective. Her name is Starr, she is a twelve year old student who lives in Toronto, Ontario with her parents and lastly twin siblings Jordan and Hailey.
Hi, my name is Starr and today I will be telling you guys about the key elements that I would always want to find in my home. Let’s get started! Whenever I walk into my home I would always want to feel safe. Feeling safe is an important key element in a home because like many people have said before home is the first place that should feel the safest to them. Therefore, a student like me going to school would go home after school finishes because I am still in elementary school. In addition, spending time with family and friends is important. Home is one of the most popular places to hang out with family and friends for my family. Whenever I would want to catch up with my family I would always find that staying home and hanging out with them are one of the best places. There are many things that one would do in a home. For example, one would eat, sleep, drink, play, do crafts and watch in a home. One would do many of the few things I have listed because the things listed above are mostly placed in one’s home. Furthermore, home is a special place to me. All the joy, laughter, learning and many memories were all made in a home. To conclude, these are only a few key components to a home for me. Well then, hope to see you again in another blog of my journey character stories!