Grade 6

New Brunswick

The House is My Home

My home is many things, its where I wake up every morning, and where I got to bed every night. But my home is more than that, it’s my safe place, comfort zone, where I feel loved and respected. Its where I can always count on my family to support and encourage me. My home is where dreams begin and come true, it’s my happy place, where I can be myself!

There are many things that make my house my home, a big part of it is my family. My family gives me sympathy, grace, appreciation, loyalty and so much more. My house gives me safety and shelter, but my home gives me happiness, curiosity, creativity, confidence, passion, humour, and mistakes.

I grew up in a wonderful home and I continue to grow more and more. My childhood was spent in my home, all the smells and sounds all put together make my safe and welcoming place. I walk in the door and I see my Mom making me a snack, she asks me how my day was. Those words I hear every day. That sound makes me feel loved, wanted, welcome in so many ways. The touch of my dogs’ soft fur and my giant teddy bear in my bed always make me feel at home.

Home is my home and will always be my happy place. Where all my memorise will grow. I learned a lot of things in my home, and I continue to learn more! My home means the world to me and I can’t imagine not having a home. A home is a home to me, a house is a house, two different things. A house is blank, with no emotions or comfort, it’s just four walls and a roof. A home is everything else.

The House is My Home.