Grade 6

British Columbia

The House And Its Meaning

The House And Its Meaning
A house is a place where people are sheltered from the elements
and are safe from animals. It provides your basic needs to survive. You
might not own the house, but it is still a house.
A home is different from a house. A home gives you a sense of
ownership, safety, security and that home sweet home feeling. A home
is specialized to your liking. You can do whatever you want to your
home. That’s what makes it feel so special.
To me a home is better than a house. Sure, a house is great, it
gives you shelter and protection, but you can’t beat a home specialized
to your liking. Don’t forget that home sweet home feeling you get
coming home.
If I were homeless or a refugee. It would mean the world to me if I
got a home. Even if it was just a house. If I got a home as a homeless
person or refugee from someone I would forever be in debt. A house
for a homeless person or refugee is like a million dollars for you.
My home provides me everything I need. I have over 1 acre of
yard and have a decent size house. My water is clean, and I feel safe at
home. I don’t know how any other life than I know now.
The meaning of a house is for shelter. The purpose of a home is
security. Homes are important. Everyone should have one.