Grade 5


The Hope of Humanity

You only get one chance at life. I for one, intend to use it to be empathetic to people who have far less then me.

I have a home. My home is where I get the amazing opportunity to feel loved, compassion, forgiveness when I do wrong, and memories filled with warmth and goodness. I want every human to have the chance to feel home.

I’m so privileged. Life has always afforded me premium gas to put in my tank. I have so much love and security. Unfortunately there are families and people everywhere that don’t have the opportunities to get ahead in life. Some people can only afford old or tainted gas for their fuel tanks in life, through no fault of their own.

What can I do at only ten years old? I can practice kindness, empathy, and give what little money I do have to help. This contest would help me give a whole lot more. My life is a story that no one can tell but me. I hope my story includes giving money to Habitat for Humanity.