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The Homes I Had

The Homes I had

In my life I had four houses already
only three of them felt like Home.

My first Home was a yellow,
teeny tiny one.
I had pets, and love living there.

My friends and I played there for 4 years.
My family and I cooked together, for 4 years.
Even though it was tiny I didn’t care,
the only thing I cared about, was what and who lived there.

My second Home was a white, big one.
The first time I visited it, I felt scared,
worried and happy at the same time.

I ended up living there for 6 years.
My friends and I played there for 6 years.
My family and I cooked together, for 6 years.

My third house, was and apartment.
It was the first time I had been in
such a small and scary place like that.

The city I lived, I didn’t like it,
and the friends I had the same feeling,
but stronger.

I lived there for 1 year and a half.
I have nothing to say about it, I just didn’t like it.

My last Home, is the one I currently live.
It is not as big as the second Home I had,
but not as small as the first Home, or the third house.
I am hoping that I will live in this amazing Home forever in my life, that nothing will never happen to it, never.

It is also an apartment, but this time
in a nice city, a nice country, Canada!
All the Homes and the house I had were
in a beautiful but dangerous country.

The Homes I had, were in my birthplace,
Manaus, Brazil. A wonderful place,
full of people and trees.

The third was in an ugly, even more
dangerous city, São Paulo
[Sun-paw-low], Brazil.

Home means somewhere you would never want to leave, where you want to spend all the time with your friends and family.