Grade 5

Parry Sound

The Home’s Heart

When you have a home,

You feel like you’re not alone.

You know you’re safe with a roof over your head,

And after a long day you can jump on your bed.

A home is somewhere you stay with your family

And a place to have company.

A home that makes you feel safe inside,

But some people don’t have a home, worldwide.

A home is like another family to me,

Because that is what I am happy to see.

A home is somewhere you want to be,

And people gather as a family.

I am excited to go home at the end of the day,

I love my home in every way.

Some people don’t have a place to stay this year,

So we should bring them lots of cheer.

When it is Christmas it’s time to play,

Santa brings presents to open Christmas day.

It is scary when you don’t have a home,

Because you feel so alone.

When there’s a storm and it’s cold outside,

You can run in your home and that’s where you’ll hide.

A home is somewhere nice to stay,

Where all the kids do is eat, sleep, and play.

If you have a home, there is no place you would rather be,

Because that is where I see my family.

Everyone should have a home,

That is the end of my “home” poem.