Grade 5


The Homeless

Home means a lot to me not just because we have devices or toys but because I have shelter that will protect me and keep me warm. I feel very lucky to have a wonderful and safe home. I have a family that loves me, that can provide for me, and take care of me. Whenever I need help I know that my parents are always there for me and can help me get through my troubles. When I am hungry I have lots of food to eat and I know that I won’t starve. I have a cozy bed to sleep in that can make me get my energy back and I can relax and stay warm. Then I can go to school and get educated. I have entertainment and lots of things to do so I know I will never get bored. I can keep myself clean and I have lots of clothing to wear so if it is hot or cold outside, I have a lot of different choices to choose from.

If I was a homeless person I wouldn’t have a warm, safe, and secure home just like my home now. I probably would have to separate from my family and live on my own and if I was in trouble my parents wouldn’t be able to help me. I wouldn’t have a lot of food or even any food and I might starve. I wouldn’t have anywhere to sleep but maybe the ground and I probably wouldn’t be able to get educated or go to university. I wouldn’t have anything to do and would’t be able to clean myself.