Daina lee

Grade 6


the homeless girl

There was a homeless girl named Cat. Cat is 11 years old. She went to school but she had no home. Her mom left `when she was 4 years old. 2 months ago Cat’s dad left to get some food but never came back. All her friends always ask to come over to her house. She always said no. One day her teacher asked her dad to come see her on Sunday for a meeting and Cat said, “my dad is busy on Sunday”. Then on Saturday and Cat said, “No he is busy on Saturday.”

“We’ll find a job for him so we need him to come in so he can meet the people that gave him the job. He can’t come? Okay.”

“Why can’t your dad come to the meeting? I don’t nowhere he is okay. What do you mean you don’t know where he is?”

“2 months ago he went to go find some food and never came back.”

“So where have you been living for 2 months?”
“In a cardboard box on the street.”
“You should have come to me, I could help you.”

“ I was scared to tell and I didn’t want the kids to make fun of me that I was homeless.

“I am going to call 911 and tell them that your dad is missing okay?”

“Okay, but can we not tell the other kids about this.”

“That is fine with me.”

5 months later we found Cat’s dad in Hanover he killed himself. She lives with her teacher now. The teacher did not want her to live with crazy people.