Grade 4


The Home Where I Am Loved

What would a home be like without a family? A home would be lonely without a family.
I wish people had a home like mine.
I feel that I can express all my feelings through the day there.
I enjoy my home because I have everything I need to enjoy it and all you need to enjoy it is a family to be with you in that home.
Home is my happy place, a place I can feel calm, and it is a great place to rest.
My home is the root of fun, because I have family and friends there and I am happy about that.
Home is a place where you can feel loved, happy, safe, comfortable and warm.
Home is a place to go after a bad day. There I have a family, friends, and a fully working house.
I am thankful to have a house, family, and friends.
A home is a very special place, that you can spend time with your family in, that you can feel peaceful and restful and you can have clean water and food, and most of all you can feel loved. It makes me feel sad when I see all these homeless people on the streets with no clean water or food.
I think all people deserve a home so Jesus can live with you too.
My hope is that this essay will help anybody in need of a house have one and that God will help along the way.