Grade 4


The Home That I Love

The Home That I Love

My home can look like any other house you see,
but to me, it is a happy place to make happy memories.
It can look normal with walls, a ceiling, and a floor,
but to me, it is so, so, much more.

Home is a place that is kind and fair,
a place that shows happiness, love, and care.
When I am at home, I know I belong,
I am never afraid to admit when I am wrong.

I always smile big when I am in my home,
I never even have to ever feel alone.
I can always be myself and express me feelings,
and realize that so much can happen underneath just one ceiling.

I will always remember the laughs and cries and the memories that I have made,
Even small memories like the necklace I wear or the bed just where I laid.
But no matter what, I’ll always remember the most important thing:
“Never forget how lucky you are, so cherish everything.”