Grade 5


The Home That I Live In

My home is filled with many many many things. Lots of people and lots of lots of memories.

My stuffy Aker has a huge impact on my life. I got Aker about six or nine months ago. I always sleep with him at night. Aker is like home to me. When I cry I will speak to him about my problems.

My family is so special to me because they keep me safe at all times. They’re really really funny. My mom makes my family. We watch lots of horror movies and comedy movies. I do a couple of special things to help out my mom in my home. Right after school I took out my dog named Bernice. We spend lots of time together now. I really love my little sister Bernice. She is a nice dog and I love her. When I’m in the home that I live in I feel safe, accepted, and loved and I hope everyone can feel these emotions.

Home is a special word that has a completely different meaning for everybody. What does it mean to you? I really hope you have a special home like me. Stay safe stay healthy.