Grade 5

Portugal Cove - St. Philip's
Newfoundland and Labrador

The Home that I Have

The home that I have makes me so lighthearted every time I walk through the door and set eyes on my family. My cat always greets me with a faint purr. My mom is always cooking the most delicious food and my dad is never too busy to help me. They cheer me up when I am gloomy. They keep me safe and treat me with kindness. I am so lucky to have a family like this.

The home that I have is on the greatest road with the greatest neighbours. I like playing with my friends who are so nice to me. Whenever I am with them, there’s so much positive energy. We exchange laughter and we play in my backyard. Sometimes we play in the forest. My backyard and the forest are the greatest places to play.

The home that I have has people who teach me valuable lessons that remain with me every day. My knowledge is always growing.

The home that I have is filled with the most precious memories. Sad ones, happy ones and funny ones. These memories are eternal.

I know that many people in this world do not have everything that I have. I wish that everyone could have something to bring them delight, but I know this can’t be accomplished overnight. Some people have nothing to satisfy their needs and make them feel like they are secure. But, if we work hard, we can build homes for those who are desperate. Then, we could all have a home like the home that I have.