Grade 6

Cote St. Luc

The Home Poem

The Home Poem

You may ask, “Isn’t a house the same as a home?”
Maybe yes, maybe no.
A house is a building, a home is feeling,
A home might not even have a ceiling.

Home is where I feel welcome and included,
And never unsafe, sad or excluded.
I hope that everyone appreciates their home,
Because it’s a place to love and share and roam.

Home is a familiar space,
Somewhere that I could never replace.
It’s where I laugh, learn and play,
A place that always brings me Band-Aids.

Home is filled with people I adore,
And those people care for me even more.
That wonderful feeling of my family and friends surrounding me,
It always brings me joy and makes me feel happy and free.

Home is where I am growing up,
It’s the place I go to when I give up.
Sometimes my home seems very small,
Or maybe I’ve just grown so tall.

Everyone’s home is truly special,
And everyone’s home has potential.
To me, a house is not the same as home,
And to show you, I wrote this poem.