Grade 6

British Columbia

The Home Plea

My HOME is not always happy,
There is yelling and fighting.
There are my cats, one quiet and one yapping.
But there are also happy days,
Hugs and kisses to drown the worries and pain.
A place to spend our time
Playing with my sister
And playing twister.
I hope we will all soon find our happy place,
A place like mine where its not complete
Until I hear the door go beep beep beep
The sound when someone’s HOME, thats when I know that Im never really alone.

So when I go to write this poem,
Through the the world I hope it’s known,
There are people not as fortunate as us
And we separate ourselves as if they are not to trust.
But they are the same as you and me,
They have two eyes, a nose, and two feet
But sometimes not a loving family, someone of their own to hold when they’re scared or alone.
Our only difference is that they don’t have a complete HOME.

So when I submit this,
What I hope to achieve is not world peace but its the hope to believe.
To believe that even just writing words can help someone.
To believe that this world’s far from perfect and something has to be done
So through these charities its good to know that if you donate with the click of a finger
You just made someone’s world three times bigger.
So to everyone out there, scared and alone,
I know its not much but I hope to help you get a HOME.