Grade 5


The Home Of Love

The Home Of Love

It’s a very calm place,
A place with peace and quiet,
And deep silence,
Your family and you talk with each other,
Instead of the freezing cold weather,
And the struggles of winter,
Home keeps you safe and warm,
With no problems too big,
With comfort and warmth,
It’s where joy and laughter belongs,

It has the sound of a whispering sea,
The lullabies that makes you fall asleep,
The graceful twirling and swirling of a soft feather,
And where you and your family can play,
and hangout with your friends,
And sleep in fluffy pillows,
With puffy smooth blankets that you can’t stop squeezing,
And smell the red velvet cake scent of the blanket,

Home is where you eat homemade meals day and night,
The lure of the fresh cooked meals,
That lingers throughout the house,
The sizzle of the melted butter,
That dances in the pan,
cooked with parents mentoring the child,
That add the spice of joy and love

Home is wearing fresh clothes that were washed clean,
Sparkly and neat
Decent and proud,
It is a place that you don’t want to leave,
It’s the home of love.