Grade 6

Hunter River
Prince Edward Island

The Home Is Where The Heart Is

A home to me is a place to treasure memories, where they begin and when they end.
Home is a place to love and to always have in your heart for time now and then.
For when you move into a new home you will always have the first memories of everything.
For now and then, then and now this home will help others, and the memories you share with this home you will always have and now that you have moved on, that house has those memories and is about to share them. But this one house will always have and share those memories and so will you.
This home holds all the first arguments you had with siblings.
A home is where you share love and peace, kindness, and joy
A home should feel warm and safe, someplace you can always depend to be loved.
Something my mother always told me is that if you are in a family you give love and in return you get love.
My home helps grow my family.
Day by day, night by night. Every day you eat your meals and every night you sleep in that one bed in that one room.
When you come home from hockey or school or even a party there will always be a warm hearted home standing on the very ground it was built on.
When you get home on a cold night and it sends a shiver down your spine, a nice warm fireplace will warm you right up with a nice hot cup of hot chocolate.
That is what a home is to me.