Grade 5


The Home I Love

I step into my home. I leave my world behind. I let the wall of my home be the walls of my mind. Familiar faces and voices fill the room. I listen and I see, The people that live with me mean everything to me. I don’t know what will happen, I never know what I’ll find, When I step into my home and my world is left behind.

Leaving my home behind is really hard sometimes. Home is my childhood, it’s where I became me, It’s where nothing can stop me from running free into all the possibilities. Home is where I make the best memories and make sure I hold on to them tight. Inside my home makes me feel delighted and brighter. The windows fill with bright sunlight and at midnight with moonlight. The jumping flames in the fireplace, Red, Orange, Blue, always keep my head in a very good mood. Right by the fireplace, my mom keeps me calm, she’s my nearby shelter for when the weather never ever gets better.

A home is the heaven’s door, It’s always built for loving never for shoving, The walls are raised with happiness, with love the windows fill with gleam. My home brings lots of light, My ideas spark up right. A home will always lead you to the right place where you can always feel safe. To a place of shelter that will forever be remembered. Where there’s lots of lots of shelter, On top of the home sitting up high, protecting the heads from the harsh up high. My home is cozy and warm. It’s where I always take comfort from the storm.

A home is not a place to store your worries,
A home is a place to let your happiness thrive,
A home is not where you you live in darkness,
A home is where you say goodbye to gloom,
A home is not where you argue and fight,
A home is where you let love bloom.
Everyone needs a home, a home to love.