Grade 4


The Home Feeling

Ring Ring Ring, goes my alarm clock. I get up, brush my teeth, get dressed and I go downstairs. I see my mom and my brother (he is a dog). My dog brother gives me a wet kiss and my mom gives me a hug. I can tell that is a great way to start a day! I can call my parents and talk to them when I am really really sad or mad. They are always persuasive, kind, sweet and funny. One time I was so upset my parents made me happy by playing a prank. I laughed so hard I forgot why I was sad! Whenever I am scared I just snuggle up with my dogs or my parents. I really feel safe with them. One time I was scared of werewolves. All I had to do was take one of my dogs and cuddle with her. Then that night I saw my family swoop in my dream and protect me from the werewolf! I loved that feeling. Now I am not scared of werewolves at all! Whenever my dad goes for a walk or my dogs go for grooming I feel like something is missing. Do you know that feeling where you have done everything and you feel like you really need to do something? Well that is how i feel when a family member is not really close to you. I feel that only half of my home is with me! That is how i feel about my home.