Grade 4


The Heart of My Home

The walk home after school felt very fast as I thought about my family at my house. As I walked, I remembered what my teacher told us in writing class. “Home is where the heart is, house is where the building stands.” Those are some wise words.

When I got home from school I tossed my very heavy back-pack on a chair and helped myself to some cookies. “How was your day at school?” said my mom. She was helping my sister with her homework. I love to play with my sister. “Hello?” said my mom again. “Sorry” I said. I answered this time (so she would not have to ask again). I said, “Mom, my day was good. We learned in writing class that home is different then house!” “Really?” said my mom with a smile on her face. “Yeah, house is the building and home is the people and love in the house. I even made a acrostic poem about home!”

Hope and love are inside
Outside it is cold and dark
My family is with me even through the coldest Manitoba blizzard
Empty and sad feelings are lost

That is the story of the heart of my home!