Grade 6


The Heart Of My Home

Home is not a place to me, it’s a marvelous feeling. The best part about my home is the core, and that’s my family, the people who help me find my path; but it’s not only family who helps me with that, it’s also the comfort of my home.

Although my home has the same basic shape as my neighbors’, they are all different on the inside. They have different personalities and unique quirks, that’s what I love about my home. It’s where I was raised to be polite and where I learned my manners, it’s where I became my very own Keira. My home is my base, my inspiration, my solid foundation and that’s what helps me stay concentrated and focused. Home for me is made of memories that I’ll laugh at when I’m older, moments of my life that changed me and taught me to make the right decisions.

There are many different types of houses, new and contemporary styles or older century homes, but a home isn’t a physical thing, it is what’s within you and true to your heart.