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Nova Scotia

The heart of Home

Home to me is coming home and being able to sit down when I need it. Home is like being able to cook your favorite meals when you want to. It’s being able to have internet and clean clothes. You can be allowed to get stuff when you want to have it even if you don’t have everything you want. You can go to the bathroom anytime if someone is not using it. You can be safe, and be cozy, or comfortable. Being able to see your family happy. Being able to talk to your friends and have them over and having lights, electricity, water, and other stuff having stuff you enjoy. Being allowed to celebrate holidays, birthdays in your house Having a place to sleep if your sick, tired And you can still have fires outside and play in the yard Being able to. Home is like somewhere to be and stay comfy. I think everyone should have a home in need. That’s what home is to me