Grade 5


The Heart of a Home

Home has a soul. A life, a heart just like everyone else, you just don’t know it!!! Home is somewhere… Something you can trust.

You are lucky if you have a home. Some people just don’t have one. We are lucky to have a home. Home is special. Home is comfortable, warm, cool, and cozy! Home has memories. In home you can do activities, like baking, playing, and more! Do you have any memories or favorite activities? I personally like baking! Or… Art! I love art! Do you? Home might not last forever so be thankful. Home is not where you just sit there, on the couch. Home is where you have fun and make memories! A home is more than what you think it is, home is extremely special! Sometimes, you can have bad memories in home. But you also get good memories. Sometimes the memories you have flashbacks are bad, sometimes they’re very good.

Want to know a cool fact? Home and House have completely different meanings. A house is a structure made up of bricks and cement; it is more a physical entity than a home, which leaves you with feelings. Home is a place where people live, and they feel they belong to. Cool right? I think it’s very cool!! Most homes have a family in them, a kind, sweet, loving family!! Home is wonderful, just some people don’t know that yet. Hopefully we can raise enough money for them to know it too. You can have so much fun in home!! I think that’s it for now, just remember this…Home has a heart too!