Grade 5

Portugal Cove-St Philips
Newfoundland and Labrador

The Heart of a Home

As I open the door to come home I feel happiness and relaxation. I feel these feelings when I’m home. Home is my favorite place to be. Home has everything I need. Me and my family live in my home. Nothing means more to me than my home and to feel free, warm, and comfortable where I am. At my home I share my thoughts, my feelings, my memories, and my love. You can have multiple homes and they can be anywhere.

I have a lot of homes but I have one main home. If in your home you don’t feel safe, are not loved, or don’t feel comfortable it’s not a home it’s a house. Also a house is not a home until the heart comes and turns that house into a home. The heart is you and your Familia house is an empty shelter without the heart the heart is the base like the foundation of a house. The heart keeps the house a home but if the heart leaves the home turns back into a house.

A program called Habitat for Humanity makes houses for families who are having a hard time calling a place their home. A bunch of people volunteer to help Habitat for Humanity build houses and writing this letter means I will be donating $10 to Habitat for Humanity which makes me feel really happy that I am helping people find their forever home. I know lots of people who live in basements and rented houses. They haven’t even heard of Habitat for Humanity.
I hope this essay changed your mind about homes and houses. Now remember a house is not a home until it meets the heart.