Grade 6

Nova Scotia

The heart of a home

A home is a just a place without people
The people are the heart of a home
Having fun with family and friends
Feeling safe with nothing to worry

The happiness to have a roof and walls
To have flowing water and food to eat
To have family and friends come over to visit
To have warmth and comfort

The feeling of a walking into a new home
The feeling of safety and joy
The feeling of being clean and healthy
And not to be in the freezing cold

Are first dinner together to feel lucky
To be in a safe place with no war and violence
Not have to be hungry and sad
Its Feeling to me but to all

But not all have that feeling
Homeless is a fear to some
But someone has to be
But not for long when we help

Even a penny could help and a dollar or two
It’s a dream to some to have a safe place to be
But in this event money is raised
To help the people that need it the most