Grade 4


The Heart Is The Home Of My Generation

My home is full of love, kindness and happiness. If someones sick or feeling upset we try to help them. I’m me whenever i’m at home. For me, home is where my heart settled. It’s where I can goof off and be silly or drive everyone crazy.

Love is my home, home is where I love. It’s a place where I look at and remember the good memories. Home is my family so without them i would feel stranded and that’s kind of the same with my friends.

EVERYONE NEEDS A HOME no matter what even if it’s just a tiny shack to keep them safe from a storm, poisonous snake or from getting frostbite ect. Groundhogs have burrows, turtles and snails have shells and every other animal has a home. So any mammal from little critters and animals to toddlers and us people

I love that you thought about all the homeless people. Why am I so excited to enter this into your program, because I want to see this world as a happy life for everybody.