Grade 5

British Columbia

The Happiness of Home

My home is so important to me. It’s a shelter, a place to unwind and most of all it’s safe. I hope I can someday help hundreds of people to have what home means to me. I feel horrible seeing people who have no homes and have guilt when I don’t help them. I do not want to endure that no longer, so I hope I can help hundreds of humans across Canada and the world find homes here where wonders work out. That’s why I want single human beings to have the same meaning of home that I have. I would give even more money to support this project. That’s how much this means to me. Shining floors, glorious walls, all within a strong home foundation. It means so much that Habitat for Humanity is doing this project to help more and more people find homes to live in and love life to the fullest extent. I shall say write? one last sentence. Thank you Habitat for Humanity for doing workers for me??? To have the chance to help hundreds of people,God has blessed you all. Thank you once more for your work at Habitat for humanity.