Grade 5


The Great Home

My family is a safe place to learn how to be safe and make mistakes.

My mom and dad are nice to me and make me feel in a warm place filled with love. They always drive me to hockey. My mom always has a unique way of doing math. My dad has a lot of ways to adjust and get to other place on the LRT.

My home reminds me of some of the people that do not have a warm environment and safe place, they live on the streets and in tents. I have the privilege to be in a home with heat, food, water, and a safe place to sleep

The final meaning that my family brings to my life is my mom and dad drive to sports and provide me the money to do what I want, to buy things I need and play with my friends.

My family is very important to me and my life they drive me to do better and go to higher limits. I love my home and family. In my home you can do anything.