Grade 5

New Hamburg

The Good, The Bad The Ugly, My Home

The Good
My home contains my pets, family and friends. Before COVID every holiday my family would throw a party. I miss that. My home is welcoming and calm, but not on holidays.

During the summer we go on road trips. My favourite road trip is when we take the trailer. My trailer feels like home because it has everything I need, including my loved ones, my own area that I can personalize.
My Pets provide love, attention and entertainment. My dog makes our house a home because he is cuddly and loving. He makes me laugh. My python, Gizmo, is a really good companion. She calms me down when I am frustrated. Finally, Chase is just lazy but My home is clean, but I need to do chores every now and then because it gets dirty. But a clean home is a good home so my family can do other fun things and move around easily. When I do my chores it is usually during my free time or on a school break which takes away from my free time. My parents sometimes let me hoverboard around my home if it is clean.

The Ugly
My brother is mean. We hate being together. And we fight a lot. There is a shoe smell. It is not the best but it reminds me of home. It is not like stinky feet, but more like my smelly brother’s boots.
The internet connection can be slow, everyday I can’t connect. It sucks, but luckily I am never late to my classes.
My home has the good, the bad and the ugly, but I wouldn’t trade it for anyone else’s.