Grade 5


The Forever Home

Rays of hope, magnificence, and laughter
That’s what the forever home is all about!
To birds chirping in the sunny forest,
Building snug padded nests is part of their home.

To me, home is the family’s heart,
The collaboration is a piece of art!
Everyone’s there for you, through hard times and easy,
That makes home a happy breeze.

To me home isn’t made out of only dirt and bricks,
It’s a place that I wouldn’t want to fix!
Everyone’s heart is happy, having fun
The parents, babies, kids – each and every one!

Home is where tears are wiped and understood,
Whether it’s a house, an island, or the woods
Animals run to shelter when outside is storming,
It’s where the kids turn to comforting.

Home is where diversity reigns,
Shy, loyal, reserved, outgoing
White, black, patient, understanding
Energetic, caring, smart and outstanding.

A home to a baby is its love for the mother,
Playing and laughter is a home to a brother,
A parent’s meaning of home is probably belonging,
To a senior it’s warmth, richness of memories and testimony.

Home is hope, home is light
At home you know everything’s going to be alright
Home is happiness, home is love
My home feels like a blessing from above!

By writing this poem I’m helping kids get a home
No one deserves to be all alone
Everyone deserves to feel special and safe
Everyone should have some faith!

The forever home is a welcoming colorful world
It’s like a sparkling shiny precious pearl
Where everyone connects and belongs
Come on! Let’s build a home and get along!