Grade 6


The Flood

Home to me is somewhere I feel safe with my family and pets. My family and I live outside of Sexsmith. With my mom, dad and older sister Kesstyn. Living outside of Sexsmith is a lot different than living in Sexsmith. Instead of your regular city noises, you can hear tractors, cows, pigs, and really annoying roosters at 4 o’clock in the morning. I love living in the country.
As I said, home to me is somewhere I feel safe, but it can all be lost. About 4 years ago during a weekend, it was raining like crazy. Every morning I woke up to plop, plop, plop. By the first day, the grass was already drenched, and that was just on a Friday. On Sunday morning, my cat Sam was staring at the window watching the ducks frolic in the rain. When my mom and sister get up, we listen to the radio talking about how most of the roads are closed due to the rain. My mom and dad had to quickly go outside to clean up the farm stuff.
I went downstairs to grab my iPad, but when I take my first step on the floor it seems damp, and I realize water everywhere. ¨Kesstyn¨ I shout. My sister comes downstairs and we grab all of our important things and tell our parents. I decide to grab my cats, Tom, Jerry, and Sam and take them to my room. I sit on my bed with the cats and slowly fall asleep. I dream about water filling up our house. I thought my dream was real! But when I woke up I felt better. I went downstairs and nobody seemed to be worrying at all. I asked what happened, they told me I slept through the whole thing. The flood was gone! I’m so lucky to have my home.