Grade 5

Richmond Hill

the feeling of where ev eryone is included,home

Home to me!

Home to me is “one in a million”! Home is not just a roof over my head but it’s a place to feel loved,a place where dreams come true! My home is where special moments happen.This is where i can be myself, and embrace my true personality! A home is a place to belong, to feel important,and safe. For me i don’t need a security camera to protect me, as i know my family and my home are the best ones out there! My home can be a place to get help, a place where everyone is welcome! You are free to feel a variety of emotions,like frustration , joy ,anger, sadness, disappointment ,happiness, fear,and love! If i need someone to talk to, there’s always someone with wise advice. A home is where new memories are made and old memories are remembered! At home everyone deals with challenges together as a team! Home is special and unique in its on way, and everyone should have a home similar like that in there life!

By: Ariana Datoo